First, a bit of an introduction: One Million Maniacs is a book about the act of collecting. There's a longer introduction that can be found at Outpost19, along with lots of blurbs, reviews, and a link to buy the book. HOWEVER, as is the case with collecting, the true joy comes from the process--the hunt for that rare item, the impossibility of where and when you find it. This was the case with putting together this book as well: not everything made it into the book that I would have liked, and oftentimes there were photos, videos, ephemera that simply could not find a place in the final copy of the book. I'm hoping to put some of that information here for you, curious reader.


Think of this site as a commentary track, the special edition with the hologram cover, the deleted scenes and vignettes that give the full experience.

One Million Maniacs, 2017